Five Story Pagoda

According to the book “Zentsuji-no-Toji in Tado-gun” (established in the middle of the Edo era), a great master returned from the Tang Dynasty was founded in Gochiyama Zentsuji in the four towns in the four towns donated by his father. This is a temple built to imitate the Chang’an Seiryu-ji Temple where a certain Eka Kazuo lived. It is written that he took his father’s “Yoshimichi” and named it “Zentsuji”. In the Kamakura era, a “ birthplace ” was erected on the ruins of the Saeki family’s residence, and until the Edo period it was a separate temple with priests at Zentsuji and the birthplace, but it became a single temple as Zentsuji until the Meiji era. Was. It is currently the headquarters of the Shinto Zen Zentsuji school, and is also the 75th place of the Shikoku 88-88 Sacred Ground.

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