Kindo, the main hall of Zentsuji Temple

Kindo, the main hall of Zentsuji Temple, is located in the center of the temple (Toin). The original building was destroyed by the fire of Eiroku (1558) and rebuilt in Genroku (1699). The master is Jinza Takeuchi Morisada. This is a tiled roof with an erection floor with an erection floor, with floor tiles laid in the ground. A firelight window (flower head window) is arranged on the front and both sides, and the upper part of the window is decorated with “fluctuating” reeds on all four sides. These architectural features, including the floor structure, are based on the Zen sect style. Although the decoration is extremely simple, it rather emphasizes the greatness of the principal.
The main statue of Zentsuji, Yakushi Nyorai, sits on Chuo Sumitan in Kondo. It was completed by Genroku 13 in the production of Omuro Daibutsu, Kitagawa Uncho. The image height is 3m. The parquet is made of cypress wood, and the surface is lacquered with gold leaf. In addition, crystal is inserted into the eyes to create an animated expression.

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