Namdaemun is the main gate of Zentsuji located in the south of Toin

Namdaemun is the main gate of Zentsuji located in the south of Toin (garan). The current building was rebuilt in 1908 to commemorate the Russo-Japanese War victory. It is built in the form called Komaimon and is 9.7m high. Above the front is a flat forehead of "Godakesan," the name of the mountain of Zentsuji. If you look at the details of the design, you can see the dragon, karyobinka and phoenix on the water plate part of the top building, and the eaves at the four corners are the four statues of Shitenno (southeast: Mokunokuten) , Southwest: Masuchoten, northwest: Hirometen, northeast: Tamonten). Kobo Daishi Kukai's life drawing and its miracle, Rei Rui, is described in Kono Daishi's Action Drawing, which contains a story about the amount of Kobo Daishi's autograph, which is said to have been raised at the gate of Zentsuji Temple. A long time ago, there was a gate at Zentsuji Temple where Kobo Daishi's brush was flattened. Onmyoji Haruaki Abe had a chance to visit Sanuki Kingdom with a relationship. When he approached this gate, the fire of the torch held by his demon was extinguished. After seeing this, Seimei felt that there was Shitenno at this gate, protecting the temple from fire. ~ The four kings raised at Namdaemun are based on this spirit.

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